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Here are links to other directly related, unrelated and other sites.
If you have a site that you'd like linked here, e mail me with a banner or button and text link and I'll link it here.
If you don't have a banner or button, just e mail me the text link.

Rebecca/Becky Herbst/Elizabeth/Liz/Lizzie Webber

Becky Herbst Online

This site is pretty cool! I got a lot of my Becky pics from this site! The layout is great!

Rebecca Herbst Guardian Angels
ab layout and a cool club to join. Great articles and fanfics!

The Official Becky Herbst Personal Fan Club Webpage


Although this site hasn't been updated in a LONG time, it's still a pretty cool site with lots of cool pages!

Elizabeth and Lucky (The best couple in my opinion!)

The Lucky and Liz Luv Page (Lucky and Elizabeth 4 Ever!!!!)

This is a very nice L&L1 site and has neat pages!

Lucky and Elizabeth Forever

A fun Lucky and Elizabeth site. I'm sure that it's becoming a great site!

Jason and Elizabeth (Just to be fair to Liason fans)

The Canvas (A Jason and Elizabeth site) (But remember Lucky and Elizabeth 4 Ever!!!!)

This is a popular Jason and Elizabeth site. Although I'm a TOTALLY DEVOTED Lucky and Elizabeth fan, I think this is a good Liason site. It has lots of info about how Liz and Jason met. Cool pics! Just remember L&L 4 ever!

General Hospital


This is the official "General Hospital" (GH) site! It's awesome, has cool bios and sections! It has gone through many changes and is very cool looking, although in my opinion, I liked it better before, but I guess I'm still getting used to it. But don't let that stop you from visiting it!

Braylee's General Hospital Page

A great GH site! Lots of cool pages, info and banners, etc....!

My other Soaps: Guiding Light (GL) and One Life To Live (OLTL) and sometimes Port Charles (PC)


This is the official site for one of the other soaps I watch, "Guiding Light" (GL). It is really cool with show updates, a fan mailbag (where you can read about what fans have to say about the show). Plus polls, bios, behind the scenes and much more!

The Beacon (a GL site)

A cool GL fan fic site!


A cool site with cool stuff!

One Life To Live Online

I've just officially started watching "One Life to Live" in January of this year and I'm hooked!
This is a great fan site for OLTL! I've enjoyed visiting it, so have fun!

The Secret Lives Of Llanview

This is a cool OLTL fan fic site!


The One Life To Live official site. the other ABC Soap sites . It is an enjoyable site.


This is the official "Port Charles" site. It is the same as the other ABC Soap sites.


This site is cool! It is run by a TV station called, wchs8 that airs Port Charles.

Other Sites

Soap Opera Digest

This is the site for Soap Opera Digest Magazine. It is a really cool site and it makes you feel like you're reading the magazine online!

Soaps In Depth

This is the site for Soaps in Depth Magazine. It is a really cool site and it also makes you feel like you're reading the magazine online!

Soap Opera Central

This is a great site with info about all your soaps. Including The City, Another World and Sunset Beach.

This is the site for Jim Warren Photography. He has taken many photos of Becky and other soap stars for his site, promo, magazines, etc... There are also photos of other people. It is a very cool site!

Fashion Finds (Interview With Becky)

This is a cool fashion site. This is the link to an interview with Becky.

"Space Cases"

Space Cases Fan Fiction

Has many great "Space Cases" fan fics from both the 1st and 2nd seasons!

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