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Rebecca Herbst Forever


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Letters, etc.... To Becky

Do you have a letter, poem, pictures or something that you'd like to send to Becky? If so
e mail me it and I will post it here.

Who knows? Maybe Becky will visit this site and see it!

"Dear Becky,
I really like you and I think that you are a Goddess and an amazing actress! You are SO cool! When I met you at the SSW, it was a dream come true and I felt honored to be meeting you. Congratulations to you and Michael on your Wedding and baby-to-be! I know that you'll both be happy together and make wonderful parents!
P.S. If you read this, please also check out the site that my cousin and I have called, Michael and Rebecca: Always and Forever. You can get to it by going to the page called Becky, Michael and Baby and then clicking on the link banner or you can go to"

Your #1 FAN,

Laurra Hiscoe (the maker and designer of this

"Dear Rebecca,

How are you? Congratulations on your wedding and baby to be! You are a very talented actress! I wish that someday I could meet you. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you at the SSW. You are SO beautiful! How do get to look like that? Bye for now!"

Amber Kellner