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Rebecca Herbst Forever


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About Me

Hi! My name is Laurra Hiscoe-Dekot and this is my website dedicated to my Supreme Ultimate Idol, Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst.

I'm 23 and happily married to a wonderful man and I have an adorable adopted daughter. I was born in London, England. I moved to Canada when I was 18. My family and I live in the small village in the Canadian Bruce Peninsula, Lion's Head. It is very beautiful here. There are lots of trees and wonderful lakes and beaches nearby. It is a great place to visit rent or own a cottage or home. Lots of tourists visit every summer.

I enjoy doing many things, such as watching TV, movies, listening to music, going to concerts, needlepoint, travelling and of course, building websites.

SOME of my favourite actresses (Besides Becky)
*= Canadian

Amber Tamblyn
Marisa Ramirez
Asia Vieira*
Sarah Osman*
Jennifer Sky
Victoria Pratt*
Kate Elliot(t)
Christine Taylor
Christina Ricci
Gaby Hoffmann
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Lacey Chabert
Kathryn Zaremba
Elisha Cuthbert*
and MANY, MANY more actresses!

SOME of my favourite actors

Jonathan Jackson
Jacob Young
Coltin Scott Martines
Matthew, Joey and Andrew Lawrence
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Samuel L Jackson

My favourite TV shows are

1. General Hospital
2. Cleopatra 2525
3. Xena: Warrior Princess
4. Full House
5. Grounded For Life

My favourite Movies are

1. Camp Nowhere
2. Shrunken Heads
3. Now and Then
4. Lucky Girl

My favourite Singers/Groups are

1. Backstreet Boys
3. O-Town
4. The Nylons
5. Britney Spears
6. LeAnn Rimes

My favourite places to travel are

1. Florida
2. California
3. Toronto
4. Hawaii
5. England (Where I was born)

Here is a pic of me on my wedding day. (I now have Burgundy colored hair).