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Here are some articles from various Soap Mags. I'll post more articles and some chats soon! (One of the chats, I was there for it! So look in the chat for the chat name, laurrahiscoe. Becky answered my 2 questions. Yeah)!

Soap Opera Digest - "We Know What We Did This Summer!"
September 4, 2001 issue

Destination: Maui, Hawaii

Companions: Michael Saucedo and their families

Take Off: "On June 1, Michael and I got married in Maui. We picked Maui because neither of us had been there before and we heard it was the most beautiful island. I would definitely go back to Maui again. I've been to Kauai, and there were just so many more things to do on Maui. The weather was beautiful, the water was gorgeous. We went swimming almost every single day. It was a lot of fun. I would say that the high point was definitely getting married and the low point was that our flight got delayed an hour going home, so we had to spend our last hour in Maui at the airport. But even the airport is the most beautiful place!"

Disaster Strikes: "We did leave the marriage license in a rental car that got returned an hour before we were supposed to get married [laughs]. And the rental place closed; we did a sunset wedding. My mom caught someone [who worked there] on their way out and said, 'I'll pay anybody 100 bucks if they can find this marriage license. And they got it to us."

Time For Chotchkes: "I am not one to buy souvenirs when I go places. I don't buy things. We seriously just laid on the beach for the five days we were there and played in the pool. Actually, we went around to a bunch of different hotels and checked out all the pools. I'm telling you, I am such a good traveler. I pack one small, little suitcase, I don't buy anything and I go home [laughs]. We just took a lot of pictures."

Soap Opera Update - "You Gotta Have Friends..."
August 28, 2001 issue

Working on a soap can be hard work, with pages of dialogue to memorize and scenes to shoot from morning till night, sometimes five days a week. But along with the hard work comes a camaraderie amongst the cast that turns the studio into a home away from home. That can be said for these three General Hospital actresses who, although they didn't share many scenes together, bulit up a lasting friendship that goes far beyond the confines of Port Charles. Tava Smiley (Chloe), Lisa Vultaggio (ex-Hannah) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) were "the new Charlie's Angels" on the set, and although they no longer all work together, they spend time off the set... shopping, dining, gossiping and having a girls' night out.

Soap Opera Update - "Starshine"
July 3, 2001 issue
By: Michael Maloney

When Elizabeth Webber first made the General Hospital scene, viewers wouldn't have guessed that she'd go from being a spoiled trouble-making teen to the young romantic heroine that she is today. It was a long journey, one that Elizabeth's portrayer, Rebecca Herbst, traveled with grace and dignity.

Elizabeth won the hearts of viewers as she survived a brutal rape and shared a tender romance with Lucky. But now that he has returned from the dead in brain-washed mode, it's hard for Elizabeth to truly love him. She turned once again to Jason and the friendship they shared appeared to be more than friendship.

As Elizabeth grappled with her feelings, Herbst enacted daily a whirlwind of emotions. Elizabeth couldn't deny how free she felt with Jason, riding on the back of his motorcycle although she had always loved Lucky so very much.

This triangle had the potential to be one of GH's longest-running and most epic romantic storylines. Alas, the departure of Steve Burton, who played Jason, cause it to end sooner rather than later. His exit paved the way for Elizabeth and Lucky to move on with their lives together.

Herbst's Elizabeth has warmly embraced the love that Lucky has for her. When Lucky romantically proposed to Elizabeth in the arcade, her eyes said it all. She felt the warmth and love that only Lucky can bring to her life, unaware that Lucky's life is truly not his own as long as he's under the influence of Helena's mind control. While Lucky's mother Laura opted to marry the rebel in her life (Luke), Elizabeth has appeared to put her feelings for Jason aside and is moving on towards a future with lucky. Will the couple survive? GH fans will remain glued as they watch this tender love story unfold.

Soap Opera Weekly - "Family Ties"
May 1, 2001 issue

All her life Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, General Hospital) wondered where she got the acting gene that escaped the rest of her family. She finally found out on a recent trip to Rochester, NY.

"I agreed to do a public appearance there because my dad is from Rochester. He has lots of family there - family that I had never met," Becky reports. So with her father, Wayne, and sister, Jennifer, in tow, Becky flew east, where she got to visit the house her dad grew up in and enjoy an impromptu family reunion.

"Even though my dad's parents are gone, I was able to meet my grandma and grandpa's brothers and cousins. It was so interesting, because I am so a part of my mother's side of the family, just their blood. And my sister and I have always been completely opposite. I never understood where she came from," Becky says with a smile. "Now I know. She is so my dad's side."

Becky, however, did uncover one thing she inherited from the Herbst clan. "My Grandpa Merton was quite the entertainer in his day. In fact, he would have loved to have been an actor. His brothers clued me in on that," Becky reveals. "My dad wasn't even aware of it."