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I think that Becky's older sister Jenny seems very nice. She's very beautiful, just like Becky and I like her, so I've decided to make a page on this site just for her.

This page will have info about her. It might be rare, but if I find any other pics of Jenny by herself (other than the one shown above), I'll put them here.

Full Name: Jennifer Erin Herbst Daniels
Nickname: JD

Age: 26

Birthdate: June 17th, 1975

B.A., University of Southern California
Pepperdine School of Law

Family: Dad, Wayne, Mom, Debbie, Younger Sister Becky, Husband, Sam, 6 yr old adopted daughter, Felicia, 3 yr old triplet daughters, Samantha, JoAnne and Melissa.

Favourite TV Shows: "Law & Order", "Law & Order: SVU", "Law & Order: CI" and "Full House"

Favourite Actor/Actress: Robin Williams and Diane Keaton

Favourite Movie: "Annie"

Favourite Music Singer: Rod Stewart

Loves All Animals. Was always bringing home lost or stray animals.

Loves the musical and movies of "Annie".

Was on Disney's "Mousersize". An exercise show for kids.

Is a Total Vegetarian.