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Rebecca Herbst Unofficial Photo Gallery
Rebecca/Becky Herbst
Rebecca/Becky Herbst #2
Rebecca/Becky Herbst #3
Official Fan Club Soiree
Super Soap Weekend
Lizzie/Elizabeth/Liz Webber, General Hospital
Elizabeth Webber (Becky) and Lucky Spencer (Jonanthan) #1
Elizabeth Webber (Becky) and Lucky Spencer (Jacob) #2
Suzee - Space Cases

Rebecca Herbst is an amazing actress. She is "Elizabeth Webber" on the hit ABC soap, "General Hospital". She has been acting for 19 years and had appeared in many TV shows, such as, "L.A. Law", "Highway to Heaven", "Boy Meets World", "Sister,Sister" and had a 7 episode stint on "Brotherly Love". She was "Suzee" during the 2nd season of Nickelodeon's "Space Cases". She also appeared in movies and over 60 national commercials.

She decided that she wanted to become an actress, not because she wanted to act, but because she found out the kids got to keep the toys they played with in the commrcials and they were the latest, coolest toys and she wanted them and Becky has enjoyed acting ever since. She is really good at what she does. She has won awards for her many roles. Fans are sure glad she decided to pursue acting, because she was originally a figure skater. Who knows? If she hadn't become an actress, she could be winning medals now.


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Pictures and screenshots were taken from Samantha's Elizabeth and Lucky Site.

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