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Welcome to my Rebecca Herbst site!

This site is dedicated to my Supreme Ultimate Idol: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst and all of her wonderful fans!

Rebecca Herbst Autographed Pic!


This is an unofficial Rebecca Herbst website!!!!

Becky Herbst is my Supreme Ultimate Idol and I think that she is an amazing actress!!!! She's a Goddess!

Becky if you read this (and even if you don't): I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the letters, postcards, autographed pics and wonderful stuff that you've sent me. Also I thank you for answering my questions. You are a wonderful person and I'm honored to be your fan! Thank you for everything! By the way.... the pics of you, Michael and Ethan are soooo adorable! I'm soooo happy for you, Michael and your whole family! You make me feel like a friend and you're a friend to me. You are also my Supreme Ultimate Idol! Thanks!

Check out the Thanks page for more thanks.

If you like her, heard of her or would like to learn more about her, than this is the website for you!
There are pages and pages of information about her. Screen shots, pics, fan fics and much much more for you to enjoy!

So keep checking back for updates. Please feel free to
email me your comments, questions or suggestions. I don't know how to work fancy html codes, Java Script or other fancy website stuff, although my website builder (tripod) does have a feature called, web jem, where you can copy and past some html codes, but your suggestions are always welcome. I hope that you enjoy all the new changes to this site! Bare with me while I try and work this out and try new things.



6:33pm est
*Will fix the pictures in the top left corner of each page.
I would love to read your fan fics. If you have any fan fics relating to Becky such as, GH, Space Cases, Brotherly Love or any other TV show or movie that Becky was in send them to me at and I'll post them.

If you'd rather email me from your own email, email me at All comments, suggestions or submissions should be sent to this address.

I LOVE it when people email me, so if you'd like to become my email pal, you can email me at Thanks! I'd LOVE to hear from you. Also check out my Email Friends page where you can email other fans of Becky, GH and other soaps.

I also post messages at
 Samantha's Lucky and Elizabeth Site Messageboard (I'm Beckyfan2)  So if you want to chat with me in those places, check for me there. You can also find me chatting in the many Yahoo Chat rooms. ( I use many different ID names, so it might be hard to track me down).

Enjoy my site and have fun!
(Click the mailbox to email me)

Email Me

On Friday October 5th, 2001, I saw the MOST incredible, touching and moving scenes that Rebecca Herbst has ever done since the Rape and when Lucky 'died'. I've never seen anything that incredible in a long time. Rebecca was absolutely amazing! It was something out of Shakespeare! It was definitely Emmy material!

Rebecca, I've never been so breathless in my life! You are truly, the MOST incredible actress I have ever seen! You are an honor to watch on TV.

Here are some screen shots of the scenes. They were taken by others and the last screen shot was taken by Samantha .

Friday October 5th, 2001 (General Hospital)

Friday October 5th, 2001(General Hospital)

Friday October 5th, 2001 (General Hospital)

Friday October 5th, 2001(General Hospital)

Preview for Monday October 8th, 2001(General Hospital)

Things that I would like/need for my site:

Pics of Becky at the Soap Opera Digest Awards, Daytime Emmy's, Space Cases, GH Weekends and Fan Club Soirees, Becky and Michael, and Becky wearing her fashion designs.Pics or screen shots of Becky and Jonathan Jackson and other magazine pics.

Screen shots of Becky in Shrunken Heads.

Submissions to Guestbook and Links To Other Sites.

Anything that you submit to me or let me borrow, I'll give you full credit.



Janessa is in our hearts!:)

Please click above to visit this memorial site. It tells the story of a young girl and how she died from an accident at an American Home Depot. It is a very sad:( story! When I read it, it made me cry:( Janessa will always be in our hearts!

I Support Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber

I Support Jacob Young as Lucky Spencer

I Support Lucky and Elizabeth

I support these from Samantha's Lucky and Elizabeth Site.

You can put these on your site, just put a link to Samantha's Supports page. Check out the link below for more up coming Supports.


My 5 Favourite Sites!
(Just click on the banners/buttons to be taken to each site)


Rebecca's official site. It's really cool and has lots of interesting pages and sections!

This site's great! It has lots of fun pages and never before seen screen shots of Becky when she was younger! It also has cool sounds and games!

Lizzie Webber: Baddest Girl in Port Charles


An amazing site about Lizzie (Elizabeth (Liz) Webber, GH)! Very cool with lots of neat pages, including a page where you can take a fun tour of Lizzie's room!

Samantha's Lucky and Elizabeth Site


This site is totally awesome!!!! It's the best L&L2 site that I've ever seen!!!! I'm a MAJOR Lucky and Elizabeth fan and I was happy and honored to give this site an award!!!! It has wonderful pages!!!! Daily screen shots, fanfics, song lyrics for Lucky and Liz, poems, slideshows and much, much more!!!! I've submitted A LOT to this site and I love it!!!! L&L 4 ever!!!!


This site is an unofficial site. It is in no way affiliated with Rebecca Herbst, ABC and/or "General Hospital". It is for fun and enjoyment only.

All screen shots from Samantha's And Other's Screen Shots page are from Samantha's Lucky and Elizabeth Site

All pictures are from RebeccaHerbstOnline, Jim, Becky Herbst Online and Rebecca Herbst Anytime.

Some pics from Samantha's Lucky and Elizabeth Site.