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Rebecca Herbst Forever


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Quill, Writing with Ink Well

I don't have a guestbook yet, but if you e mail me your comments, I'll post them here until I get a guestbook. Just click the E Mail Me page and then the link.

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This site it is great! Great work, Laurra:)! I know Becky and if she saw this site, I know she'd love it.

Paige Christina Heuser


"Your website is super cool! It contains a lot of cool info and pictures of the most talented actress on the planet, Rebecca Herbst! It's the best website on the web! Keep it up!"


I love the new Rebecca photo gallery. It's full of nice pictures of Becky. It is a nice site, Laurra


Great Site and Keep up the good work...

Samantha - Samantha's Lucky & Elizabeth Site



"Thank you Laurra for all the hard work you have put
into this site. It is fantastic! You are a "true" fan!
Keep up the great work!"

Rebecca Herbst


You have a wonderful site here! I think it's SO cool that Becky signed the guestbook! Keep up the great work and I know it will be a success!

Lindsey Myndlan

I love the website.
You are amazing.

Nancy Manigold (My Aunt)

Hi Laura

I just had a look at your web-site. It is fantastic. I love the layout and you have really given the public a lot of information about your favourite
actress. Very impressive!!

April (My cousin)