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Rebecca Herbst Forever
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Introduction To Rebecca Herbst
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                                          As of 2001

Rebecca Herbst also known as Becky is a very wonderful, beautiful and talented actress. She has been acting since she was 5 years old. She originally wanted to be a figure skater and skated with the likes of Michelle and and Karen Kwan, but it wasn't until she found out that the kids in the commercials got to keep the toys they played with; that she told her mom, Debbie that she wanted to be an actress.

She continued skating until she was 16 and decided to continue with acting instead.
Becky has appeared in many different TV shows and movies. She was "Suzee" during the second season of Nickelodeon's "Space Cases". She portrayed a younger Barbi Benton in the Biopic, "Hefner: Unauthorized". She is currently starring as "Elizabeth Webber" [Soon to be Spencer. I hope:)] on the popular daytime soap, "General Hospital" and has been on "GH" since August, 1997.

She married former co-star, Michael Saucedo (ex "Juan") and they were wed on June 1st, 2001 in Maui and are currently living in Los Angeles, California with their dog, Sadie and new-born son, Ethan.


Why Rebecca Herbst is my Supreme Ultimate Idol

Rebecca Herbst is a very special person, who is very talented. When you watch her on General Hospital, her eyes show such emotion that she doesn't have to say anything and you know exactly what Elizabeth is thinking.

She is simply amazing, beautiful and a Goddess. She has a soft, natural beauty that is rare these days. Her smile radiates from her face. She is awe-inspiring.

She is very down-to-earth. Even though she says that she is shy, you'd never know that when you meet her. She seems very happy to meet her fans. She is a very caring and kind person. You can tell right away that she enjoys doing what she does. She knows that it is hard work, but she manages it well. She answers almost any questions her fans have.

She'll be a wonderful mother and wife. She'll bring something to her new family that will not only brighten their day, but also teach them that life is worth living and that if you put your mind to it you can succeed.

She is someone that girls can look up to. She is role model.

That is why she is my Supreme Ultimate Idol.