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I have SO many people that I have to thank for making this site possible, so I've decided to thank them all here.

1. Becky Herbst- Without you this site wouldn't be possible! Thanks for being such an amazing actress and role model. You are an honor to make a site about! Keep up the amazing work!

2. Tripod- For their wonderful site builder. If it wasn't for them, I'd have nowhere for my site. (Since I don't know much codes and stuff and this site builder is great for people who are just beginners at site building) Thanks!

3. Samantha- For helping me and letting me borrow your pics, screen shots and fan art. Thanks for the banners and that cool fan art you've made for me. Also thanks for being such a great email friend!

4. Melanie- Thanks for supporting me and being such a great email friend!

5. Bravenet- Thank you for my guestbook, polls, counter and messageboard.

6. Thanks to everyone who visited my site, signed my guestbook, took my polls, sent me awards and enjoyed my site. Thank you!

7. Thank you, RebeccaHerbstOnline for keeping me up-to-date with info about Becky!

8. Thank you Barry's Clipart for all the wonderful free clip art!

9. Cassie and all my other email friends- Thanks for you're friendship.

10. Thanks to anyone else who's helped me!

11. And last but not least thanks to my husband and family! Thanks for being there for me!