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Do You Have RHS (Rebecca Herbst Syndrome)?
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Here is a list that I came up with to determine weather you have RHS or not.

If you do 6 or more of these things than you have Rebecca Herbst Syndrome (RHS)! Check the list and see if you have RHS!


1. You collect EVERY picture, article, caption and mention of Becky from EVERY magazine and/or website, no matter how small it is.
2. You visit RebeccaHerbstOnline and at least 100 times a day.
3. You send Becky letters and/or gifts, cards, etc.... at least every two months.
4. Not a day goes by when you don't think about or talk about her.
5. You do, buy, eat and drink things, because she has.
6. You name your first born child after her.
7. You have a shrine to her in your house.
8. You listen to all her favourite songs, because she likes them, even if you don't.
9. You are excited when you see her on TV. You sometimes even shout, scream excitedly. You watch her on TV over and over again.
10. You are disappointed when she isn't on TV.
11. You buy or rent a movie that she was in, just to see her, even if she's only in the movie for a minute or has no lines.
12. You dream about meeting her someday.
13. You get angry when people bash her.
14. You bake a cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to her on her birthday and you have a countdown until her birthday.
15. You learn German, just because her last name is German.
16. You build a website devoted to her.