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This is the page where I will post many neat little known facts about Becky. Some info you may know, while other info you may not.

If you have anything that you think could be added here, email me and I will post it here.

1. Becky's middle name is Liberty and her first name is Rebecca Ann (like Mary Ann, Kerry Ann, Shari Ann, etc....)

2. She's afraid of heights (not that that's a bad thing).

3. She's allergic to cats(not that that's a bad thing).

4. She originally auditioned for the role of "Sarah Webber", but they thought she wasn't right for the part, so they thought about her portraying "Alexis Davis'" daughter, but then changed their minds because "Alexis" wasn't established enough to have a daughter, so they created the role of "Elizabeth Webber" for her.

5. She wears glasses sometimes.

6. Although she liked working with Steve Burton ("ex- "Jason Morgan"), she thinks that "Elizabeth" should be with "Lucky"
7. Despite the fact that Becky says that she can't carry a tune, she CAN actually sing! And she's amazing at it! It's just that the people at "GH", want "Elizabeth" to be a wonderful painter, not the best singer, even though she did get to sing with Amber Tamblyn (ex- "Emily Quartermaine") and husband Michael Saucedo (ex- "Juan Santiago") at the Nurses Ball last year. Even though she didn't sing much, it was still good.

8. When Becky was younger, she was in a Barbie commercial with (future famous actress and singer), Jennifer Love Hewitt. Both Becky and Jennifer said in the commercial and I quote, "We're into Barbie!".

9. When Becky was on "Space Cases" the multi- colours in her hair were permanent and lasted 4 months.

10. She watches British comedies (Britcoms), sometimes. Here favourites are "Keeping Up Appearances", "Are You Being Served?" "Are You Being Served?....Again " ("Grace and Favour" in the UK) and "As Time Goes By".

11. She likes Pineapple on her pizza.

12. Her favourite cartoon as a kid was "Rainbow Brite".

13. While Becky was competing in figure skating competitions, she skated with the likes of Michelle and Karen Kwan.

14. She dated Ingo Rademacher ("Jax", "GH"). But they are just friends now.
She was engaged to photographers assistant, Johnny Lindesmith. They broke the engagement off. (She's happily married to Michael Saucedo, now though. And I'm SO happy for them:)!!!!).

15. Becky prefers Burger King French Fries over McDonald's fries.

16. If she wasn't an actress, she'd be a designer. Either fashion or enterior.

17. Mom used to watch "General Hospital" while nursing Becky.

18. Herbst (pronounced herpst) is the German word for Autumn.

19. When she was younger she used to read the book series, Baby-Sitters Club.

20. Signs her autograph with heart attached to the "R".
21. Both Becky and her sister where born at 8:00am. Becky on May 12, 1977 and Jenny on June 17th, 1975.
22. Becky lived in Montreal, Canada while taping "Space Cases".
23. She was an alternate on "Wheel of Fortune" during Soap City Week the year before she appeared as a contestant.
24. She wanted to be an actress because so that she could play with the toys in the commercials.
25. She's Ambidextrous.

26. When she was younger, she was a MAJOR fan of New Kids On The Block and had a crush on Jordan Knight. 

27. Speaks German. 

28. At her parents house (where she grew up) she has a pet squirrel, named Beakers.