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My favourite role that Becky has played was Suzee on Nickelodeon's "Space Cases". I found that show, warm, funny and entertaining. Becky was great! Not that she isn't great now as Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital, but I really liked her as Suzee and I always will.

If you've ever seen her on "Space Cases" or even if you haven't, these screen shots from the show are sure to be fun to look at. Some of the screen shots will have words underneath that I use to describe them. Enjoy!

Suzee- "Space Cases"

Suzee- Space Cases

Theme Song

Harlan, Radu and Suzee- Space Cases


Suzee, Radu, Rosie and Small Eaty- Space Cases

Small Eaty

Suzee and Bova- Space Cases

Muffin (Asteroid)

Suzee and Radu- Space Cases


Suzee and Radu- "Space Cases"

Eaty Bath

Suzee and Large Eaty- Space Cases

Large Eaty- Tape Measure

Suzee- Space Cases


Suzee- Space Cases

Going into Pezu's mind

Suzee- Space Cases

Suzee- Space Cases

Suzee- Space Cases

Suzee- Space Cases

Suzee- Space Cases