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Liberty Designs

Not only is Becky an amazingly talented actress, but she is also a very talented fashion designer.

She has designed many gowns that she has worn to many functions, including the Soap Opera Digest Awards and Daytime Emmys.
She has also made a top using left over material that she had used to make the dress that she wore to the 1998 Soap Opera Digest Awards. She wore the top when she was a guest on the "Howie Mandel Show".

Her gowns are SO incredible, that if you didn't know it, you'd swear that they were designed by top designers, they're THAT good!

She calls her designs, Liberty Designs. She would like to sell the patterns to her gowns someday, so that other people can make them.

1998 Daytime Emmy Awards

1998 Emmy Dress design

Becky at 1998 Emmy's wearing dress

Becky at 1998 Emmy's wearing dress

1999 Daytime Emmy Awards (She was nominated that year)

1999 Emmy Dress design

2000 Daytime Emmy Awards (She introduced a video that year)

2000 Emmy Dress design autographed

Becky at 2000 Emmy's wearing dress

1999 Soap Opera Digest Awards (S.O.D.A.) (She was nominated and she won that year)

1999 Soap Opera Digest Awards (S.O.D.A.) dress design

Becky at 1999 Soap Opera Digest Awards on stage after winning award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress

2000 Soap Opera Digest Awards (S.O.D.A.) (She also made and helped design Amber Tamblyn's gown that year)


Some pics of another dress that Becky has made and designed.

Becky wearing dress that she designed  and made for "Mask of Zorro" Premiere