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Check out these cool pics of Becky!
If you see a flashing "new" above a pic it has just been added.

(They take a while to load, so please be patient!)
(Isn't she a Goddess?!!)

Becky Blue Shirt

Becky and Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and some guy





Becky Fashion1

Becky Fashion2

Becky Fashion3

Becky Fashion4

Becky Tank Top

Becky Smile1

Becky Smile2

Becky Leather Jacket

Becky Sitting

Becky Orange Shirt

Becky B/W

Becky and Amber Tamblyn B/W

Becky Sweater

Becky Red Dress

Becky Long Hair

Becky Long Curly Hair

Becky Postcard

Becky Elegant

Becky Short Hair

Becky with Minnie Mouse SSW

Becky SSW

Becky SSW Stage

Becky and Amber Tamblyn at Becky's  2nd Annual Fan Club Soiree

Becky at her 2nd Annual Fan Club Soiree1

Becky at her 2nd Annual Fan Club Soiree2

Becky Red Shirt

Becky Lounging

Becky and Bunny Bun

Becky and Michele Val Jean

Becky Black Dress

Becky and Jonathan Jackson1

Becky and Jonathan Jackson2

Becky and Jonathan3

Becky and Jonathan Jackson4

Becky and Jonathan Jackson5

Becky and Jonathan Jackson6

Becky and Jonathan Jackson7

Becky and Jonathan Jackson8

Becky Jeans

Liz/Becky Opening

Here are some screen shots from the 1999 Soap Opera Digest Awards where Becky was nominated and won for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress.


Beside Becky in this screen shot is her sister, Jenny Daniels.
(And if you look closely in the row behind Becky is Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky)'s brother, Richard Lee Jackson.)





Tyler Christopher (ex- "Nikolas") (left) and Jonathan Jackson (ex "Lucky") (right) with Becky.