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Bio and Favourites
As  of 2001
Full Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst

Birthdate: May 12th, 1977

Birthplace: Encino, California

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Age: 24

Birthflower: Lily-of-the-Valley

Birthstone: Emerald

Birth Sign: Taurus

Family: Dad Wayne, Mom Debbie, Older Sister Jennifer (Jen), Husband: Michael Saucedo (ex- "Juan Santiago"), Children: Ethan (Born 10/31/2001)

At her parents home: Dogs Coogan and Gibson(Named after Mel Gibson), Cats Lambert,  Squirrel Beakers, Lop Eared Rabbit Bunny Bun
At her home: Puppy Sadie

Favourite TV Shows: "Ally McBeal"

Favourite Movies: "Overboard"
"Little Mermaid"

Favourite Actors/Actresses: Sir Anthony Hopkins
Kevin Spacey
Julia Roberts
Goldie Hawn

Favourite Singers/Groups: Dixie Chicks

#1 Favourite Song: "Fancy"- Reba McEntire

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Cheese and Scrambled Eggs

Favourite Animals: Cats and Penguins

Favourite Novel: "I Know This Much is True"- Wally Lamb


Check out the IMDb for her acting credits. Click here,+Rebecca
TV Talk Shows

"LA Morning Show"
"The Rosie O'Donnell Show"- She introduced the show.

"The Howie Mandel Show" - Guest.

"Donnie and Marie" - Guest.
"Wheel of Fortune" - Contestant during Soap City Week (received $10 thousand for Jesse's Cause even though she and her partner didn't win)


Dad (year unknown)


Goo Goo Dolls Music Video


Banner Toilet Paper
Always Maxie Pads

Public Service Ad about Teen Pregnancy


Becky has won many awards and Soap Opera magazines have given her character many honors. She has also appeared in many Soap Opera magazines and non Soap Opera magazines.

So here is a list of them.

As I find out more or she receives more, I'll add them here.

These are not in any particular order.

1999 Soap Opera Digest Award- Outstanding Younger Lead Actress

1999 Daytime Emmy Award nomination- Outstanding Younger Actress

2000 ABC Soaps in Depth in the following categories:

Placed 4th Favourite Actress

2nd for Most Romantic Couple (Lucky & Liz)

5th for Sexiest Actress

Winner in the Best Love Story category (Lucky & Liz)

5th as The Character Readers Most Want To Switch Places With

3rd as the Soap Star Readers Predict Will Become A Movie Star

2001 Soap Star Hairstyles - Placed 4th for Best Make Up

3rd for Prettiest

1st for Best Actress

3rd for Best Couple (Lucky and Liz)
Spring 2002- Best Hair 6th Place

Magazines Becky has appeared in:

Soap Opera Digest- September 24th, 2000
April 24, 2001
October 31, 2000

Soap Opera Weekly- May 1, 2001

Soap Operas Forever- May 6th, 2001

ABC Soaps in Depth- April 17, 2001
May 2, 2000
October 16, 2001
April 10, 2001
Feb. 20, 2001
May 16, 2000
April 4, 2000
Jan. 5, 1999

Soap Opera Update- May 8, 2001
August 28, 2001
July 3, 2001

Soap Star Hairstyles- Spring 2002

Teen Style- October 2000

People and Teen People